Your green ideas can change the future!

Get recognition by sharing your ideas, broaden your green initiatives, and as Green Ambassadors, impart knowledge that can make our future better.

Gain acknowledgement at national level!

About ‘Joy of Green’ - हरित उमंग

‘Joy of Green’ - हरित उमंग program is an initiative of Panasonic, a leading diversified technology company. The initiative is a reflection of Panasonic’s mission to maintain and nurture the ecosystem by developing sustainable practices and imparting green knowledge through active engagements with schools and communities.

Keeping the ideas of “Live your Best…” in mind...

Environmental issues across the world demand commitments from humans.

Here is your chance to become a beacon of hope!
Use your ideas for creating awareness and sensitising the community for wider adoption of green practices.

Do you wish to promote your green practices? Would you like to spearhead sustainable solutions for tackling the energy crisis? Are you interested in sharing green ideas about biodiversity conservation? Don‘t hold your ideas back!

Be a part of the ‘Joy of Green’ - हरित उमंग and join Panasonic in leading the ‘Green Cause’ for a greener future.

How to register

Become a Green Ambassador and take the initiative of spreading green awareness

  • Register yourself / with your school / academic institution

  • Participate in the contests / quizzes under the four - ‘Joy of Green’ themes

  • Become Green Ambassadors and implement your Green Gigs

  • Get recognition at national level

‘Joy of Green’ Themes - हरित उमंग   के योगदान

Conduct Green Gigs for all 4 Joy of Green Olympiad Themes and get maximum points.

Apply for contests and quizzes under each theme.


who can   apply

  • Student/ Group of Students
  • Private and Government Schools/Institutions
  • Academic institutions of higher education

Frequently asked  questions

Who can apply for this program?

Students from private and government school and those pursuing first and second year in graduation.

Are NGOs /Environmental Activists allowed to participate in this program?

As this program is designed for nurturing young green ambassadors on sensitization on waste management, energy conservation and enhancing biodiversity, so environment professionals, NGOs/ Environmental activists may not participate in this program.

How many Green Ambassadors are going to be recognised during this edition of program?

100 Green ambassadors and 10 Super ambassadors.

What are the activities expected from the participants/Green Ambassadors?

Participants/Green Ambassadors should work in all the four themes of E-waste management, Plastic Waste, Energy Conservation and Biodiversity. They would be required to work on small/large scale projects contributing towards e-waste sensitization, innovative energy conservation ideas for schools, homes or offices, recycling and reuse of plastic waste and preservation of biodiversity.

Whom to contact in case of any query/support needed during the program?

To be updated.