Panasonic India   CSR Profile


Our vision at Panasonic is to contribute to the sustainable development of the society by working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to provide “Live your Best”. We strive in working towards inclusive growth as part of our commitment towards society and strongly believes that unless and until the fruits of development are equally shared with all our stakeholders, the vision of inclusive and sustainable growth is hard to achieve. To follow international progress in the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and its implementations in a way beneficial to our society and the corporations to which we render services. Causing corporate social responsibility to be adopted through principled implementations that contribute to our country’s social, cultural, and environmental development and help it in developing awareness on this issue.

Mission and   Purpose

To work on the popularity, adoption, and implementation of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility while adding measurable values to the community and to our corporation, and to manage processes related to this work to the advantage of the parties concerned in a way that become model for other corporations for replication to widen the scope. To abide by the Corporate Social Responsibility norms as prescribed in the Act and take responsibility for the impact of our activities on environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public. Panasonic India aims to grow from being a philanthropic contributor for social development to an organization that takes ownership of issues and helps create shared value. Panasonic India’s aim has been to create businesses and products that would contribute to economic development along with preserving the natural environment thereby ensuring our customers can achieve a better quality of life. Our sustainability initiatives are designed to reduce potentially adverse environmental impacts from our business through measures such as mitigation of global warming, proper management of chemical substances, reduction of waste and having a focused approach on the efficient use of limited resources throughout our business operations. All of our Business milestones are integrated into our brand and we constantly thrive to create valuable ideas which is exemplified in our brand slogan, “Live your Best”

Panasonic Ratti Chhatr   Scholarship Program

The program aims to provide financial assistance to the aspiring engineers pursuing education from different IITs present in the country. The program runs in PAN India and is open to students in their first year of engineering studies. Started in 2015, the Scholarship Program identifies and recognizes a group of talented young individuals with the potential to excel in their respective fields. The organization provides financial assistance and support to the young individuals from low income families who are unable to justify their admission with the educational fees.

The program has already actualized the engineering aspirations of 150 students, and strives onto continue this vision and perfect more ambitions in the years to come. By providing the youth of this country with the essential tool – education, we hope to not only make a difference but also strive to inspire the next great Indian success story. Our scholarship program is an initiative which we hope inspires people across the country to take up the mantle and educate the future of our nation.

Panasonic   Swabhimaan VTC

Panasonic skill training center runs in Gharaunda in Haryana and provides vocational training to the rural youth to make them self- reliant and self- employed. The courses offered are: Domestic Data entry operator, Beauty Therapist, Field Technician, WPS and Self Employed Tailor. The project was formerly run in Jhajjar and has been replicated in Gharaunda after completion of its tenure.

The Objective of the programme are as follows:

  • 1. To provide livelihood Opportunities through skill enhancement and vocational training.
  • 2. To add value by way of soft skills and preparedness for the job markets. For the convenience of training, all our trades have been classified into two segments basis the local industry requirement and demand in the areas where the centre operates

Panasonic   Health Aarogya

Panasonic Aarogya involves mobile health care facilities in villages of Jhajjar and Gharaunda, Haryana. The mobile health van runs 5 days a week thrice in a month in Jhajjar and 5 days a week once in Gharaunda. The beneficiaries of the project are pregnant women, lactating women and children (0-6years).

The Objective of the programme are as follows:

  • 1. Ensure health seeking behaviour of the community by providing inputs and opportunities for accessible and affordable healthcare services through Mobile Dispensary
  • 2. Prescribe and dispense medicines on the spot for common ailments, further diagnose and refer patients in deplorable health conditions to hospitals
  • 3. Raise awareness about preventive healthcare measures including family planning, communicable diseases and cleanliness.
  • 4. Integrates patients into existing social service and health care systems via referrals.
  • 5. Provide free episodic care at relevant time and location to best serve the target population

Community   Engagement Programs

  • 1. Pratibha Puraskar - Recognition of young talents in field of education and sports and felicitating them for motivation and other students to follow.
  • 2. Senior Citizen Felicitation - Prescribe and dispense medicines on the spot for common ailments, further diagnose and refer patients in deplorable health conditions to hospitals
  • 3. Solar Lantern Distribution -Distributing solar lights to the villages deprived of electricity in Gharaunda constituency. The project aims to contribute 100,000 solar LED lanterns to people without access to electricity by 2018, the year of the corporation’s 100th anniversary.
  • 4. Community Support through Solar lights -Installation of 75 LED Solar lights in one of the village(Alawalpur) of Fatwah Block, Patna, Bihar which is providing 24x7 electricity on the stretch of the roads which also falls under ‘Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojna’ ensuring a safe and secure access to the key facilities and the public utilities located within the village. Villages can safely commute to the village Health Care at any point of time.