Contest Name : Mock Model United Nations (MUN)

Theme Energy Conservation
Contest Nature Conducting a Mock MUN school/college
Contest Type Group

The school/college represented by 5 students each, would be required to conduct a MOCK (Model United Nations) MUN centered on Energy Conservation.


  • To help students look at environmental issues at a global scale and propose solutions.
  • To think and propose sustainable ideas which are more suitable for contemporary times.
  • To propose a holistic approach to find a balance between development and environmental conservation.
  • To understand how environmental communication happens at global scale.


Step 1 Application form of activity to be filled by Teacher/Coordinator of school/college on behalf of the student on Panasonic Harit Umang website.
Step 2 The students would then be required to participate in a Mock MUN which would be conducted at their respective schools/colleges and propose their ideas during a session on “Energy Conservation Goals 2030”.

Note: The students at the end of the session would be required to submit the proceedings of the sessions with photographs.

Note: A total of 5 students from each school/college are required to participate in Mock MUN.

**Overall, the students are required to submit a report along with 2 photos in a folder with the name of the school as the title. The folder will be uploaded on the contest page of - ‘Mock MUN!’ page - under the given theme.


What to do?
  • The school/college would be required to hold Mock MUN on the topic of “Energy Conservation Goals 2030”.
  • The students representing the school would be required to record the Mock MUN through a 1000-word long report and a set of 3 photos.
  • The students must also include two photos from the session.
Date and venue of the Event:
  • The MUN Dialogue 2023 will be held on April 20, 2023 at the Heritage School, Gurgaon
  • The report must discuss 5 energy issues across the world and propose long- term solutions for the same. The word limit for each issue and the respective solution should be 200 words. Hence, the total word-limit of the report would be 1000 words.
  • The solutions should be mentioned in bullet points.


  1. The ideas which are more sustainable and implementable will be preferred.
  2. The ideas should not be exactly copied from the current discussions in COP27 or any other United Nations conference.
  3. However, the ideas presented during COP27 or any other conference could be improvised by the students.

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