Contest Name : Frames for Future

Theme Biodiversity
Contest Nature Photo story contest about biodiversity
Contest Type Individual

The student would be required to create a photo story on the biodiversity of there city.


  • To help students capture and analyse the current challenges in relation to biodiversity in their city.
  • To help students understand the importance of spending time on an issue and analysing it closely, which may help them propose better solutions in future.
  • To collect a bank of various issues and solutions through a visual medium, which could be further shared on social media for a wider reach and understanding.
  • To help the student understand the use of visual media in environmental communication.


Step 1 Application form of activity to be submitted by the student on Panasonic Harit Umang Website
Step 2 The student will then be required to prepare a photo story with 5 photos around a topic/issue related to biodiversity in their city/town/village.
Step 3 The student will then be required to submit the entry on the dates mentioned under the guidelines.


What to do?
  • Create a photo-story through 5 pictures about issues related to biodiversity in their city.
  • Submit a 300-word write-up about the photo story.
  • *Overall, the student/s need to submit 5 photographs and a 300-word write-up in a folder bearing the name of the student and her/his registration number as the title, on the ‘Frames for Future’ page - under the given theme.

Considerations for the write-up:
  • The write up should be based on the story.
  • It should also briefly (in not more than 50 words) talk about the process of covering the story.
  • The write up must be submitted in a PDF format.
  • The student must use only mobile phones for photography.
Topic of the photo story
  • The student must take up any issue related to biodiversity. It could be about destruction, preservation, or conservation.
  • The story should resonate with the problem that the city, town, or village is facing.
  • It could also be a positive story about an initiative by an individual, a group of people, or an organisation to preserve biodiversity.
  • The story could also be about the school, in case the school has taken an exceptional initiative towards biodiversity.
  • Each photo must be accompanied by a caption (not more than 15 words) related to the picture.
Submission Deadline
  • The student/s must submit the folder before 5 PM on March 31, 2023.


  • The photos should be related to one story only and capture the story so that it is easier for the observer to understand.
  • The right framing and composition of the photos will also be marked.
  • The writing style of the report will also be marked.
  • The camera resolution would not be counted as a marker for evaluation. Weightage will be given to the story and its presentation through photos.
  • The student must stick to the details mentioned in the guideline.

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