Contest Name : Harit Rangoli

Theme Biodiversity
Contest Nature Design a Rangoli
Contest Type Group

The participants will have to design a rangoli based on the theme of ‘A Nation of Coexistence’ on January 26, 2023.


  • To use the medium of art to raise awareness around issues related to biodiversity.
  • To use the creativity of students for a noble cause.
  • To promote the idea of unity and coexistence on Independence Day.


Step 1 Application form of activity to be filled by Teacher/Coordinator of school/college on behalf of the student on Panasonic Harit Umang Website.
Step 2 The students will then be required to create the rangoli and submit the five photos on the dates mentioned under the guidelines.

Note: Five students can participate in one group from each school/college.


What to do?
  • Prepare a rangoli on Independence Day on the theme of ‘A Nation of Coexistence’.
  • Click five photos of the rangoli.

*Overall, the students need to submit 5 photos in a folder bearing the name of the school and the registration number as the title on the ‘Harit Rangoli’ page- under the given theme.

Rangoli Design:
  • The rangoli should be created on the theme of “A Nation of Coexistence.”
  • The rangoli should raise awareness about the conservation of biodiversity.
Instructions for photos:

The students should take five photos of the rangoli, including:

  • Two photos while making the rangoli.
  • One close-up photo of the rangoli.
  • One long shot of rangoli clicked from a distance.
  • One group photo of the school students along with the rangoli.
Submission Deadline:
  • The folder must be submitted by 5 PM on January 30, 2022.


  • The elements of the design of rangoli should convey a message on conservation of biodiversity.
  • The message should also be connected to the idea of coexistence.

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