Contest Name : Plastic Rap/ Anthem

Theme Plastic Waste
Contest Nature A rap or anthem on Plastic Waste (Audio-Visual)
Contest Type Individual/Group

The participant/s will have to create a rap or an anthem on the theme of plastic waste.


  • Create awareness around plastic waste in a light and playful - yet impactful - way.
  • Rhymes, raps and anthems are easy to remember and resonate with kids.
  • Harness the creativity of students for a cause.


  • 3 students from each school will be required to compete as a team.
  • The teacher or school coordinator or in case of a single entry- the student, will fill out the activity application form on the Panasonic Harit Umang website (
  • The student/s would then create the rap/anthem in an audio-visual file and submit it on the website on the deadline mentioned under the guidelines.


What to do?
  • Create a rap/anthem on plastic waste raising awareness about its harmful impacts and suggest solutions.
  • The rap/anthem should be given a title.
  • *Overall, the student/s need to submit the plastic rap/anthem in a folder bearing their name and the name of the school/college as the title, on the ‘Plastic rap/anthem’ page - under the given theme. They should name the folder like this - Their name (school/college).

Elements of the rap/anthem -
  • Informational/instructional value.
  • Catchy
  • Easy to remember/sing
  • Clear message
  • Should resonate with kids/youth
Deadline Date :
  • The submission should be done before 5PM on March 31, 2023.
Use of Music:
  • The student/s could use music or prepare it without music. The music used must be royalty-free.
Mode of Submission :


Recording Device :

Mobile Phone

Editing :

The student/s are free to use video editing.

Duration -
  • The minimum to maximum duration of the rap/anthem is 30 seconds to 60 seconds (1 minute).
Additional instructions
  • Avoid inappropriate slang/bad language.
  • Avoid copying from existing raps/anthems.
  • The student/s can use existing songs/raps/anthems for references or rhyming.


  1. The rap/anthem should be connected with the issue of plastic waste.
  2. The rap/anthem must inform the audience about plastic waste and raise awareness through instructions.
  3. Catchy lines/rhyming will be marked.
  4. Common words of communication, which resonate with kids/youth and are easy to remember, must be used.

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