Contest Name : ‘Waste to Wealth’

Theme Plastic Waste
Contest Nature Build a utility item/structure out of Eco bricks
Contest Type Group

The students would be required to create items/structures made out of Eco bricks which should have utility.


  • To increase students' understanding of plastic waste recycling and reuse
  • To use the creativity of students for an environmental cause.
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills among students.


Step 1 Application form of activity to be filled by Teacher/Coordinator of school/college on behalf of the students on Panasonic Harit Umang Website.
Step 2 The students will be required to create a utility item/structure out of Eco bricks.
Step 3 The student/s would then be required to take four pictures of the item/structure and submit the same on the website on the deadline mentioned under the guidelines.

Note: Four students can participate in one group from each school/college.


What to do?
  • Build a utility item or structure entirely out of Eco bricks- like a table, a dog shelter or any other item or structure which should have a utility.
  • The students should record the activity through four photos, which should include two close-up pictures that show the design of the item or structure clearly.

*Overall, the student/s need to submit four photos in a folder bearing the name of the school as the title, on the ‘Waste to Wealth’ page - under the given theme.

  • For the final evaluation, the students must submit four pictures of the item or structure.
  • The submission should be made by 5 PM on March 31, 2023.
Construction material
  • The students must use Eco bricks to make the item/structure.
  • The number of Eco bricks (1- or 2-liter bottles) that can be used is limited to 30. The minimum is 15.
  • The students must use plastic waste, including single-use plastics, for constructing the Eco bricks.
  • The students can use cement, iron, or wood to support the construction. But any material other than the Eco bricks should be used in lesser quantities, otherwise the entries will be disqualified.
  • The students can also source iron and wood from a dump or use waste material.


  • The item/structure should be long-lasting and made mostly of Eco bricks.
  • If the students use material other than Eco bricks in excess, then the structure might be disqualified.

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