Contest Name : Waste Toon

Theme E-Waste Management
Contest Nature Comic Strip
Contest Type Individual

The participant will have to create a comic strip around the journey of electronic waste and how the discarded electronic item can pollute the environment.


  • To improve students’ attitude and understanding towards environmental education, especially E-waste, through an engaging and light medium like comics.
  • To help students develop and exercise skills like reading, understanding visual concepts, speaking, and ultimately, communicating the idea of E-waste management.
  • To enable the students to create environmental solutions through an entertaining and popular medium.


Step 1 Application form to be submitted by the student on the Panasonic Harit Umang website.
Step 2 The student/s need to create the comic strip and submit the entries on the dates mentioned under the guidelines.

Note: Three students can participate in one group from each school/college.


What to do?
  • Create a comic strip on a new cartoon character who should be the main character of the strip.
  • The cartoon character should be given a name.
  • The story of the comic strip should focus on safe E-waste disposal practices.
  • The students are free to add scientific facts around E-waste in the storyline.
  • The comic strip should be given a name which should be related to the theme of E-waste Management.
  • *Overall, the student/s need to submit the comic strip in a folder bearing their name and the name of the school/college as the title, on the ‘Designing for future contest’ page - under the given theme. They should name the folder like this - Their name (school/college).

Story line
  • The comic strip should cover the journey of electronic waste (may be a specific electronic item) and how the discarded electronic waste/item can pollute the environment, if it is not disposed of responsibly.
  • Through the actions of the cartoon character and how she/he deals with E-waste/item, the student must convey a message on E-waste and its safe disposal.
  • The student should create a single episode/chapter of the comic spread out across 10 (back and front) A-4 sizes art papers.
Medium of design
  • Sketch pens, wax, water or acrylic colours paint can be used for creating the comic strip.
Mode of design
  • The speech boxes in the magazine should have legible writing/ font.
  • The cover for the strip should carry an illustration with the name of the comic strip and the name of the student in the bottom-left.
Mode of submission
  • The comic should be scanned and submitted in a PDF format.
Submission Deadline
  • The student must submit the folder before 5PM on March 31, 2023.


  • Unique character/ storyline.
  • Impactful story which also connects well with the theme.
  • Practical ideas / informative and innovative approach.
  • Elements of the magazine (colour scheme, readability and presentation of facts).

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