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‘Joy of Green’ (हरित उमंग) - Bio-Diversity

Save the Earth

‘Joy of Green Olympiad’ - हरित उमंग

A Panasonic India initiative

'A Better Life, A Better World'

Sow the seeds of a green change for a better tomorrow with Panasonic’s Joy of Green Olympiad. The program is dedicated towards upholding the levels of biodiversity and protection of natural environment. Lead your students and community towards a greener earth; a healthier earth.

Take the Green Pledge

Earn the badge of Green Smith by committing to green practices of biodiversity conservation at your school, society, or college.

What is this theme all about?

Under this theme, participants will contribute towards improving the biodiversity by planting more than 1,00,000 (1 Lakh) trees together.

Biodiversity Green Gigs conducted by schools and students will improve the productivity of the ecosystem to make earth more habitable. Join the ‘Joy of Green’ Olympiad - “हरित उमंग”

How to participate and get recognition

Schools and RWAs will participate in the program by implementing initiatives for following core objectives. Each school, community, RWA will compete to gain ‘Green Points’ based on the number of trees they plant. Teams which score highest green points in all three ‘Joy of Green’ Olympiad Themes will be considered for the Green Smith Badges.

Possible Suggestions

Plant trees and nurture them
  • Tree plantation activities
  • Watering and pruning activities
  • Taking care of trees and measuring their growth
Develop ‘Green Spaces’ in schools and RWAs
  • Creating dedicated zones with maximum green area
  • Promoting tree plantation and care in such zones
Sensitize students and citizens in your locality for biodiversity conservation
  • Encouraging the community to participate in tree plantation activities
  • Providing knowledge support to develop understanding of biodiversity via tree plantation
  • Promoting practices of protecting trees & nurturing the green belts

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