Develop Energy Efficiency with ‘Joy of Green’

Live Green. Think Green. Love Green

Implement innovative energy saving solutions and get the Green Smith Badge

‘Joy of Green’ (हरित उमंग) - Hope of Energy

Create a holistic environment of energy activism at your academic institution and in your community with ‘Joy of Green Olympiad’ - हरित उमंग. Implement practices of energy audits, promote awareness about energy saving and build energy efficient solutions to become Green Ambassadors of the community.

Save Energy, Save the World

Encourage a curriculum that inspires holistic studies of energy saving. Your green initiatives towards energy efficiency will lead the generations towards a bright future. Implement your energy green gigs and give this world a better tomorrow.

Create a Hope for Energy

What is this theme all about?

The ‘Hope of Energy’ theme of Panasonic ‘Joy of Green’ Olympiad is aimed at spreading awareness regarding Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency. The institutions will be required to develop simple energy-efficient steps to reduce wastage of energy.

How to participate and contribute?

Under this program participants will have to showcase their simple solutions towards energy conservation. Every School and RWA will be measured by the impact created by their energy saving initiatives. Participants conducting the most energy audits and saving the maximum amount of energy will be provided more ‘Green Points’. The more energy you save, the closer you are to earning the ‘Green Smith Badge’.

Possible Suggestions

Encourage Car-Pooling usage in your locality
  • Create awareness in your community about the benefits of carpooling
  • Encourage their adoption of the carpooling practices
Conduct Energy Audits at Home and School
  • Identify the energy wastage points at Home and School
  • Develop simple and innovative energy saving practices

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